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‘Coral Morphologic TV’ @ Red Bull Guest House 2015

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

‘Coral Morphologic TV’ debuted this past weekend at the Sagamore Hotel, on Miami Beach. The site-specific installation was commissioned by the Red Bull Guest House, and consists of 4 vinyl-wrapped outdoor televisions each playing the Coral Morphologic films ‘Natural History Redux‘ & ‘Circumtropical’ on loop.

‘Coral Therapy’ @ Design Miami/ 2014

Monday, December 8th, 2014

The ‘Coral Therapy’ Design Curio at Design Miami/ 2014. 

For Design Miami/ 2014, we were honored to be asked to create a conceptual room in which we debuted ‘Coral Therapy’, a 360-degree virtual reality film experienced via the Oculus Rift. When viewing ‘Coral Therapy’, the viewer is enveloped by fluorescent corals and sea anemones; much like being inside a virtual planetarium theater. ‘Coral Therapy’ is designed to convey a virtual out-of-body experience in which the viewer is transported to a tranquil tropical reef in outer-space. An original ambient score enhances the cosmic coral perspective while accentuating the peaceful and relaxing experience.

‘Coral Therapy’ in action via Oculus Rift VR 


‘Tombstone (prototype)’ @ Swampspace

Sunday, April 21st, 2013


‘Tombstone (prototype)’ (close up)

From April 13 – May 4 we will have ‘Tombstone (prototype)’, our new installation, on exhibition at Swampspace in the Design District of Miami. The piece consists of a projection of Colpophyllia natans thrown onto a keystone screen of its own fossilized ancestors, set upon concrete blocks, they themselves comprised of calcium derived from ancient Floridian reefs.


‘As Above, So Below’

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Coral Morphologic is pleased to debut our first curated exhibition of Miami-based, aquatic-themed video art on the Southeast Financial Center video wall as part of the DWNTWN Art Days September 7th (7am to 6pm) and 8th (9am to 5pm). The films will continue to screen weekdays until September 21st from 7am til 11am. The playlist is as follows:

Coral MorphologicSurf Zone  – 2012
Justin H. Long –  In Search of the Miercoles – 2010
Akihiro ShirozaPlanktonic Boundaries Beyond the Mind – 2008
Akihiro ShirozaResonance of Contrary Components – 2010
Justin H. LongSolo – 2012
Coral MorphologicHighlighter – 2012

‘Aquacultural Transformation’

Monday, August 13th, 2012

‘Aquacultural Transformation’ Installation No. 1 at the Southeast Financial Center lobby, downtown Miami

In the first installment of our Knight Foundation-funded public art series Aquacultural Transformation, we have been commissioned by the owners of the Southeast Financial Center in downtown Miami to curate the new HD video-wall in the lobby. The video-wall is comprised of twenty-five 55″ screens, measuring 23′ x 14′ in total size, making it one of the largest HD walls in Florida. We have produced a series of coral films for Aquacultural Transformation that will run during the morning hours of 7-10 a.m for the next six months. Our goal was to create a Technicolor, aquatic ambiance in the lobby that engages and relaxes workers before the start of a hectic work day – therefore acting as an antidote against the 24-hour barrage of news and financial information that these workers are constantly subjected to. A primary component of the Aquaculture Transformation project is to convey that that the essence of the coral reef is literally infused into the concrete limestone infrastructure of every building in the Magic City. And thus the modern pop-cultural iconography of Miami is ultimately reflective of the neon diversity of our native coral reefs. This can be represented no better than the opening sequence to ‘Miami Vice’, in which the Southeast Financial Center is featured prominently in the last shot.

Cairns Festival 2011

Friday, August 12th, 2011

From August 19 – September 4 we will exhibit public projections in the city center of Cairns, Australia as part of Cairns Festival 2011. Under the direction of Morphologic collaborator Michael F. McPeake, Underwater Worlds celebrates Cairns’ intimate relationship with the coral reef. Showing alongside our films is Australia’s seminal underwater documentary Invisible Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, shot in 1961 by Noel and Kitty Monkman off the coast of Cairns.