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Lil Daggers 7″ Record Release on Discosoma Records

Friday, April 15th, 2011

We are proud to announce the fifth release in our South Florida-centric 7″ vinyl series; ‘Slave Exchange’ b/w ‘Sweetwater’, from Miami’s Lil Daggers. The wax is a limited edition run of 100 copies in black vinyl, with a wheat-pasted photo on each individual sleeve affixed by the band. As usual, we have rubber stamped our corallimorph logo onto the b-side of the center-sticker and stamped/ numbered the a-side.

The release party will be within a party: Saturday, January 16th @ the 2nd annual Sweatstock. Check out the set times for a bigger picture of the event – many amazing bands will perform, including Discosoma’s Lil Daggers, Beings, and Guy Harvey. The 7″ will be available at Sweat Records exclusively Saturday, which is also Record Store Day. After Saturday, you can pick up the record at Sweat as well as the Discosoma Records site.

Click play to check out ‘Slave Exchange’.

Guy Harvey 7″ Record Release on Discosoma Records

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

We are proud to present the debut 7″ vinyl release (‘Take Your Time (With Me)’ b/w ‘Never Seen Snow’) from West Palm Beach’s Guy Harvey. The record is limited to 100 copies in black vinyl with individually-screened sleeve art by the band. We have rubber stamped our corallimorph logo onto the b-side of the center-sticker and stamped/ numbered the a-side.

To celebrate The Vagabond is hosting the 7″ release party this Friday the 13th with sponsorship by Sweat Records and the live sounds of Guy Harvey and The Jameses. We will have the record for sale for $7 at the show; see you there!

For those who wish to purchase the Guy Harvey 7″ online, please see the Discosoma Records site.

<a href="">Take Your Time (With Me) by Discosoma Records</a>

Click play to check out the a-side, ‘Take Your Time (With Me)’.

‘Magic City’ @ Sweat Records X Iggy Pop T-Shirt Release Party

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Magic City

Still photo (above) of aquarium/ projection and live video (below) of our contribution to the Sweat Records X Iggy Pop t-shirt release party, August 22, 2009 at the Awarehouse in the Wynwood Art District. This installation consists of a 10″ X 10″ X 4″ acrylic aquarium atop a overhead projector projecting a 15′ X 15′ image onto the courtyard wall.  The live-action component of the installation features a performance by thirty photosynthetic jellyfish (Cassiopea xamachana) collected in the mangrove estuary near the Virginia Key Wastewater Treatment Plant, here in Miami, FL.

Rest in Peace(s)… ‘Discosoma 1.0’

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

We were disheartened to receive a call from our good friend Lauren Reskin, owner of Sweat Records, this past Sunday with the news that her store had been broken into, thieved, and trashed. The worst karmic act committed  was the wanton destruction of the Red Sea Max that we installed and maintained as a gift to her store and our friends that frequented it. We set up the aquarium at the very end of November 2007 for the opening of Sweat’s third incarnation here in Miami.

According to the police, the thieves cut through the security gates of the store’s back entrance early Sunday morning and proceeded to steal the store’s computer, electronic equipment, several pieces of art from the walls and… knock over the aquarium.

This what we arrived to find (minus the live rock and corals that we had already gathered up by this point in our effort to revive what we could…

Sweat Records was closed on Sunday, so it wasn’t until almost 9 pm Sunday night that Lauren happened to be driving by her store and noticed the break in. It is likely that the contents of the aquarium were dry for over 18 hours.

We arrived at Sweat Records in a daze, unable to believe that someone would go through the trouble of destroying an aquarium just for the thrill of instant destruction, until we saw it with our own eyes. We were expecting the worst; that nothing could possibly still be alive.

All of the fish were dead. We hypothesize that the impact and subsequent shock-wave of the aquarium shattering against the floor must have killed them immediately as there was several inches of standing-water still on the floor that could have otherwise provided them with refuge.

However, there was some good news. Both of the harlequin serpent stars and a porcelain crab showed minimal signs of life, despite being nearly dry. When plopped into a plastic bag with water, they revived within a few minutes. The snails and blue leg hermit crabs all survived. We were initially highly skeptical that the Discosoma sp. corallimorphs would survive 18+ hours out of water, but we gathered up all of the pieces of live rock and brought them back to our facility anyhow. We didn’t want to put them into our holding or grow-out systems, as we were afraid that if they died as we expected, they would only foul the water. Instead, we placed them in two 18 gallon mortar tubs with heavy aeration and a power head and hoped for the best.

The severed arm of a harlequin serpent star is seen above. Fortunately, the serpent survived the ordeal and more than 18 hours out of water. It will regenerate this arm in short time. The fish weren’t so lucky…

To attest to the ruggedness of the Red Sea Max, the hood and even the light bulbs remained undamaged despite the brute force impact. Likewise, the RSM’s silver stand escaped even minor scratches despite landing face down. The two return pumps were the only other parts of the RSM beside the actual glass aquarium that had to be thrown out. Because the electrical cords never pulled out of the wall, they continued to run dry after the fall.  This caused them to overheat and melt together! The Current 1/10hp chiller managed to unplug itself and therefore survived with nary a blemish.

We were relieved the following morning to find that most of the corallimorphs were recovering nicely. Now, almost a week later, they have nearly made a complete recovery. We did lose a few polyps, but I’d estimate at least 80% survivorship.

Unfortunately, we did lose about half of the pink coralline algae from the live rock. Coralline algae does the most amazing thing when it dies; it fluoresces a bubble gum pink color. While temporarily beautiful, it soon turns to a dead white bleached state within a day or so. If anyone knows why this phenomenon occurs, please inform us. To lose this much coralline algae cover from your live rock after nearly a year of cultivation is a real bummer.

You can see a fluorescence photograph of the live rock below:

The dying pink crustose coralline algae fluoresces after death. The photograph  was taken under blue wavelength (450 nm) light to maximize fluorescence. Several gold and green Discosoma sp. can also be seen fluorescing, despite 18 hours out of water…

While dismayed at losing this aquarium, and just as it was maturing into an exceptional little reef aquarium, we are not deterred. Sweat Records will be holding a series of benefit concerts in the next several weeks to help raise money for a better security system and a new aquarium. We hope to have another aquarium up and running by the time of Sweat’s first anniversary of being in their current location. We’ll keep you posted.

Here are a couple of articles written by local blogs about the break in:

Miami New Times


Coral Morphologic on arcuRADIO 90.5 WVUM…

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

We’re going to be in the studio with our good friend Josh Arcurio on his arcuRADIO show from 5:30-7 pm today (Saturday 19th). We’ll be bringing some Morphologic swag to give away to help raise money for WVUM. This week’s show is during their annual radio-a-thon to raise money to help pay for (apparently) the rest of the stuff that the University of Miami doesn’t fund in the operation of their college radio station…

Listen here and/or call in and make a request… or even donate some cash to WVUM…

And later tonight we’ll be at Sweat Records to celebrate their third birthday AND Record Store Day. So go buy yourself that album you’ve been wanting (we bought the new album “Meanderthal” from Miami’s own Torche)…

Sweat Science Club

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

To those in the 305 area code (786 too!), we’ll be leading the first edition of the Sweat Science Club. Git yerself blinded by science!